Weekend Watch: the world's best rally car

Weekend Watch: the world's best rally car

by March 20, 2015

Fans of modern rallying know that while the sport itself is very exciting, the cars don’t quite fire the imagination like those of yesteryear.

Fed up with his “boring” home-built Subaru rally car, New Zealand youngster Alex Kelsey decided to build his own dream rally machine, based loosely on a Peugeot 207.

Powered by a 3.5-litre V6 from a Formula Renault 3.5 single-seater, Kelsey’s ‘MC2’ is a fire-breathing weapon that is claimed to dash from 0-200km/h in just over seven seconds.

For those interested in the technical side of things, this interview with Kelsey goes into great detail about the build and all the various parts involved.

Kelsey is obviously an extremely talented engineering mind, and given he drives this weapon on all sorts of surfaces in the New Zealand Rally Championship, he’s quite a handy driver, too.

The current 1.6-litre WRC regulations might be popular with manufacturers, but we know what fans would rather watch.