VIDEO: Walkinshaw’s V12 Jaguar meets The Mountain

VIDEO: Walkinshaw’s V12 Jaguar meets The Mountain

by October 10, 2014

For our third ‘Lap of the Gods’ episode we visit a pair that were a little less synonymous with Bathurst. In 1985, however, Tom Walkinshaw and his shrieking V12-powered Jaguar XJ-S etched themselves in to Bathurst history.  

After having his race thwarted by a clutch failure the previous year, Walkinshaw returned to Mount Panorama with a steeled determination, and three potent Jaguar coupes, to take the victory.

Walkinshaw’s seriousness was clear after he tore a near-perfect lap out of Mount Panorama during qualifying, taking the Jaguar to its limits with absolute control.

Although it was a sister car driven by John Goss and Armin Hahne that capitalised on the Jaguar’s speed to win the race, Walkinshaw finished third and was rewarded with the Enduro he so much desired.