VIDEO | TaxTheRich drift a Ferrari F40

VIDEO | TaxTheRich drift a Ferrari F40

by January 22, 2016

If you had access to a Ferrari F40, we suspect you wouldn’t risk the privilege by throwing it very sideways across a British farm.

Or, maybe, you would? That’s the question TaxTheRich asks again in its newly released ‘Farmkhana’ video.

Featuring a Ferrari F40, a gymkhana course, and two rear tyres the driver highly dislikes, ‘Farmkhana’ at once lives out your fantasies and deepest fears – wringing the neck of a Ferrari legend without kid gloves.

TaxTheRich have a reputation for irreverently thrashing priceless exotics. They’ve before drifted Enzos, rallied a Rolls Royce on an empty estate, and barbequed a Jaguar XJ220’s rear tyres.

It’s an iconoclast statement: screw appreciation, why not drive these things as intended? But for every one person prescribed to that train of thought, there’s another wincing and shaking their fist.

How they gain access to these cars and properties is reportedly through high profile, and obviously very generous, contacts.

As a result the team have amassed more than 150,000 YouTube subscribers and millions of views.

While controversial, there’s no denying this video’s a cracking watch. So go on, watch this F40’s 2.9-litre twin-turbo V8 repeatedly hammer its redline, even if it’s from behind the hands on your face.