VIDEO | Porsche 918 v LaFerrari v McLaren P1 on track

VIDEO | Porsche 918 v LaFerrari v McLaren P1 on track

by October 13, 2015

A biff between Porsche’s 918 Spyder, the LaFerrari, and McLaren’s P1, a trio otherwise known as the ‘Holy Trinity’, has been difficult to stage.   

Well, at least for automotive media. One company is well known to never let journalists possibly expose its product as inferior with objective testing.

Not even BBC’s TopGear could bag the three for a track test.

Paul Bailey, though, isn’t one to be intimidated. Nor paled by the AU$5.9m (converted) price tag of these three supercars, as the telephone company millionaire bought and brought all three to UK’s Silverstone circuit with a race car driver and video crew for a definitive showdown.

British touring car driver Matt Jackson was the man given the envious task of wringing every last tenth from them. And in the end, McLaren’s P1 pipped both the Porsche and Ferrari, with all three cars separated by less than half a second.

However, before you make conclusions, it is worth noting the McLaren was wearing Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres, not the P Zero Corsas it sports as standard.

Nor does this story end here. With Jeremy Clarkson’s new series reported to have conducted a test between the ‘Holy Trinity’ of supercars as well, it seems we’ll have a chance to see how these cars perform on a different day and surface very, very soon.