VIDEO: Mad Mike attacks Goodwood

VIDEO: Mad Mike attacks Goodwood

by July 6, 2015

Have you tumbled into an inky whirlpool of Goodwood Festival of Speed videos yet?

If not, we’re sorry, because if you’re at work, this video might affect your productivity.

And even if you have already put in a solid YouTube session of Goodwood “research” following the June 27-28 event, this one you mightn’t have seen yet.

It’s our favourite Kiwi drifter Mad Mike, doing his thang, in his off-its-head 400kW “26B” quad-rotor FD RX-7.

In this video listen to it spike 11,000rpm (limiter, says Mad Mike, is set at 10,750rpm) as it turns 265-section rear tyres into ghosts.

But the difference is, the camera isn’t wobbling about on a bonnet. Attached to his helmet it’s seen as close as you can get to the lens of Mad Mike himself.

Even around Goodwood’s intimidating walls, Mad Mike is still tugging the handbrake and slewing the thing sideways. Fearless, he is.

It’s our kind of video. And the best POV on the internet. (With pants.)


And if this hasn’t triggered the aforementioned inky whirlpool, perhaps our Top Five Goodwood Runs will.

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