VIDEO: Flat-out at 315km/h through turn one at SMP

VIDEO: Flat-out at 315km/h through turn one at SMP

by July 3, 2015

Many racetracks around the world have a ‘clench-tight’ moment.

Circuit De Spa Francorchamps in Belgium is known for its Eau Rouge-Radillion chicane that greets racers at the end of pit straight. To take it fast requires large man vegetables. 

Sydney Motorsport Park’s turn one also demands a fair share of speed, and a dollop of respect, as Toyota proved in the early 90s.

Wanting to raise publicity for the circuit back in 1992, Eastern Creek International Raceway (as it was formerly known) invited Toyota’s endurance racing team to lap its brand new TS010 around the track in preparation for the World Endurance Championship.  

Designed by sports car genius Tony Southgate, the shrilling TS010 proved its pedigree after test driver Andy Wallace wrestled the car, full throttle, through turn one.

With 447kW behind Wallace and full slicks underneath him, the TS010 extracted enormous mid-corner velocities of over 315km/h from the left-hander as the video reports.

Told it could conduct the shakedown under enduro conditions, Toyota took full advantage, and ran the car for hours straight, the sustained speed and cornering load were so brutal they managed to snap two of Wallace’s ribs after continuous tracing of a bump lurking mid-corner.

But Wallace’s ribs weren’t the only thing broken by the TS010 that particular testing session. After threats, the Environmental Protection Authority issued Eastern Creek circuit with noise fines, but the testing didn’t stop.

And after watching, but more importantly hearing, the 3.5-litre five-valve V10 send the TS010 around the circuit, you’ll wish it never did. After all, bones heal.

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