Tuned Veyron versus Kawasaki H2R superbike

Tuned Veyron versus Kawasaki H2R superbike

by May 22, 2015

When it comes to sheer acceleration no production vehicle with four wheels can match the Bugatti Veyron.

However, as a drag race organised by Super Street magazine revealed, things are different when you include vehicles equipped with handlebars.

Known as the Ninja H2R and built by Kawasaki for circuit use only, the Ninja H2R is said to be the fastest production bike in the world. And while the 240kW/165Nm from its supercharged 1.0-litre(!) engine might not sound like much to a supercar enthusiast, those outputs have to motivate only 216kg.

That’s 1046kW per tonne. A figure the Veyron would need 1974kW to match, or 1079kW more than its quad-turbo W16 produces with a ‘Super Sport’ tune.

Numbers are numbers, though, and the disparity on paper could change when translated to the real world; would a Veyron’s grip advantage and aerodynamics give it a fighting chance against the H2R?

Luckily, Super Street’s video gives us the chance to find out…

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