Toyota reveals 86 Blackline Edition

Toyota reveals 86 Blackline Edition

Toyota reveals 86 Blackline Edition

by November 26, 2015

After three years since its debut Toyota Australia has announced its 86 will finally be joined by a factory special edition.

Intended to herald in the impending 86 one-make series that begins next May, the Toyota 86 Blackline Edition, as the version will be called, brings with it a select choice of parts from Toyota Racing Developments, the firm’s dedicated motorsport and tuning arm.

However, while the last Toyota and TRD collaboration down under produced rabid supercharged versions of the Aurion and Hilux, the 86 Blackline Edition skips any engine modifications, focusing on visual upgrades instead.

So that means the same old 147kW and 205Nm two litre flat-four punching away under the Blackline Edition’s bonnet.

Toyota reveals 86 Blackline Edition rearIts difference to a regular 86 begins with a lower scooped front bar, which matches a set of new side skirts, guard inserts, and re-designed rear bumper.

A new three-piece spoiler is also added to the package, its design more subtle and contoured to the 86’s shape, while a large black stripe running from the bonnet’s right hand side up on to the roof inspires the car’s name.

Meanwhile, on the inside, Blackline Editions score lashing of bright red trim on the seat inserts, the grab zones on the steering wheel and doors, and on the gear knob.

Toyota reveals 86 Blackline Edition interiorTrain spotters will also recognise the small TRD logo embossed in to the rear bumper, right between the pronounced exhaust canals, and a new 86 sticker on the fuel cap.

All models are licked in a “white liquid” hue, and come with gloss-black 17-inch wheels from the 86 GTS, the variant on which the Blackline Edition was based.

Toyota reveals 86 Blackline Edition topSpeaking of the GTS, automatic and manual 86 Blackline Editions will carry a $2000 premium over a top-spec 86, at $37,990 and $40,490 respectively.

Disappointingly, our first ever special 86 doesn’t feature any chassis tuning as previously reported, but it does offer great value. So if you like the look of it, we suggest you get in quick – Toyota’s offering only 250 manual and 200 automatic Blackline Editions.