Top 15 images of 2015

Top 15 images of 2015

Top 15 images of 2015

by December 28, 2015

They say a picture tells a thousand words, which is lucky for us journos, as otherwise we’d be writing a hell of a lot more than we do!

MOTOR is incredibly lucky to work with some of the best automotive photographers in the world, many of whom are veterans of the industry.

In general they don’t need briefs, advice or guidance, they just deliver outstanding images regardless of the location, timeframe or weather conditions. 

January 2015. Ford Falcon XR8. Photographer: Nathan Duff

Lonely Ford FG X Falcon XR8A lonely Ford FG X Falcon XR8, the last of its kind, parked at an abandoned petrol station. One could draw certain similarities, a fact probably not lost on QLD-based photographer Nathan Duff.

February 2015. BMW i8. Photographer: Cristian Brunelli

BMW i8An abandoned car park, a light wand and a long exposure gave a dystopian, sci-fi feeling to this shot, which suits BMW’s stunning i8 to a tee.

March 2015. 458 Speciale/LFA/Aventador. Photographer: Thomas Wielecki

458-Speciale -LFA Aventador Macquarie Pass NSWA great photographer can get a decent shot out of any location. This is just a lay-by at the top of NSW’s Macquarie Pass, but the twilight sky and Wielecki’s superb lighting makes it special. The subjects certainly don’t hurt, either.

March 2015. 458 Speciale/LFA/Aventador. Photographer: Thomas Wielecki

Ferrari 458 Speciale Lexus LFA Lamborghini AventadorWhat a day. Gathering together the Ferrari 458 Speciale, Lexus LFA and Lamborghini Aventador took months of phone calls and paperwork, but boy was it worth it. Three of the greatest naturally-aspirated engines of all time – we’ll leave you to imagine the noise.

March 2015. Lamborghini Aventador. Photographer: Thomas Wielecki

Lamborghini Aventador engineThere are engine shots, and then there are engine shots. Nobody understands supercar theatre better than Lamborghini and the Aventador engine bay is the perfect example. The cross brace, the slightest peek of in-board dampers and of course those 12 magnificent cylinders.

April 2015. Porsche Boxster GTS. Photographer: Nathan Jacobs

Porsche Boxster GTSGreat weather, a great road and a great car.

April 2015. Holden Calais V/Ford Falcon G6E Turbo. Photographer: Ellen Dewar

Holden Calais V and Ford Falcon G6E Turbo GrampiansYou’ll never see a photographer more frantic than when the sun is sinking faster than they would like. Snapper Ellen moved like lightning to light this great twin shot of two Aussie icons set against the Grampians in central Victoria.

July 2015. Bentley Continental GT V8 S. Photographer: Nathan Jacobs

Bentley -Continental -GT-V8-SA triple-black Bentley is every photographer’s worst nightmare. The obsidian paint simply absorbed any light that was thrown at it but Jacobs used it to his advantage to create this menacing lakeside portrait, while the journos froze in the dark (cue the violins).

August 2015. Audi S1. Photographer: Nathan Jacobs

Audi -S1Audi reviving the S1 badge – last used on its Group B rally car – raised a few eyebrows but it turns out that this new all-wheel drive pocket rocket is a riot on the loose, with a playful, friendly chassis that makes it a breeze to throw around.

September 2015. Hi-Torque HSV Clubsport. Photographer: Nathan Jacobs

Hi Torque HSVClubsport driftingOur resident pro driver Warren Luff can drift just about anything, however his job is made easier when he has around 850bhp at his disposal. The Hi-Torque HSV Clubsport just evaporated its rear tyres at will, this shot capturing it in fourth gear!

October 2015. Lamborghini Huracan. Photographer: Ellen Dewar

Lamborghini Aventador engineAnother sensational sunset shot from Dewar. It had rained on and off all day, but the sun peaked spectacularly through the clouds at just the right moment for Ellen to capture this magic photo of Lamborghini’s current baby Bull.

November 2015. Mazda MX-5/Toyota 86. Photographer: Cristian Brunelli

Mazda MX-5 and Toyota 86 Mount HothamTwo budget sports cars sitting literally on top of the world. The Mount Hotham region is stunning in any season, but particularly so in the spring, when the roads are clear and dry but there is still plenty of snow around. Amazing roads in every direction, too.

November 2015. Ferrari California T. Photographer: Nathan Jacobs

Ferrari California TThe new Ferrari California T is a crucial model for Maranello, as it is the first turbo Ferrari since the F40. The signature red crackle covers remain, but the new piping make it look like the 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 is trying to climb out of the engine bay.

December 2015. Holden Commodore SS V Redline. Photographer: Cristian Brunelli

Holden Commodore SS-V RedlineSometimes the best shots are happy accidents. The light was well and truly gone, but once again Cristian Brunelli worked with it, creating a brilliant juxtaposition between the brooding sky and the bright white Commodore Redline and tyre smoke.

December 2015. Porsche 911 GT3. Photographer: Nathan Jacobs

Porsche 911 GT3It’s tough to take a bad shot of a 911 GT3, but they look particularly good from dead-on rear. Great car, great shot. The only bad thing about it is you can’t see the stunning view in front of the car.