Tianjin explosion destroys 1000s of cars

Tianjin explosion destroys 1000s of cars

Tianjin explosion destroys 1000s of cars

by August 14, 2015

Incredible photos of destroyed vehicles from the site of the recent explosion in the Chinese port city of Tianjin show the terrifying intensity of the blast.

Over 10,000 cars are estimated to have been destroyed, however the loss of property pales into insignificance compared to the human cost – over 50 people are presumed dead and hundreds have been injured, many criticially.

Our images were sourced from the Daily Mail, which has an extensive gallery on their website, and reports that over 1000 Renaults and 2000 Volkswagens were among the vehicles destroyed.

The cause of the explosion has not yet been confirmed, though it’s believed the factory in question was used for storing hazardous chemicals.

These images show the intense heat of the resultant fires, with vehicles reduced to charred, almost unrecognisable metal shells, stripped of windows, tyres and paint.

While the images graphically show the aftermath, the video below, taken from a dash cam, shows the horrifying intensity of the blast, with people running frantically from the initial explosion before the shockwave from a second, larger explosion knocks over trees and signs.
Our thoughts are with those affected by this tragic accident.

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