The McLaren P1 daily driver

The McLaren P1 daily driver

by July 6, 2016

Most manufacturer films are, well, a bit rubbish, primarily aimed at getting you to buy their latest product.

This one is a little different. It’s an interview with Go Hiramatsu, a Japanese lawyer who daily drives his McLaren P1. It’s said that crime doesn’t pay, but upholding the law clearly does!

It’s a pretty simple film, but while Hiramatsu’s budget is clearly in a different league to most people’s, he is definitely a top-notch enthusiast with a great passion for fast cars and driving.

He also has great taste, as the deep green paintwork on his P1 is one of the most stunning colour schemes we’ve yet seen on McLaren’s hybrid hypercar.

Hiramatsu is one of just 375 lucky people around the world to own a McLaren P1, of which there is only one in Australia.