Tesla's Model S P85D will scare Ferraris

Tesla's Model S P85D will scare Ferraris

by May 15, 2015

Often we apply a good deal of scepticism to acceleration times quoted by manufacturers.

Nissan, for instance, claims its GT-R can fire from 0 to 100km/h in 2.7sec – something you’d achieve only if you dropped it from a plane.

However, we know Tesla isn’t lying about performance claims for its impending Model S P85D, because when one decided to line up a Ferrari F12 at a drag strip, it was the driver of Maranello’s fiercest GT that received the biggest shock when the tree went green.  

Performance has come easy to Tesla’s Model S thanks to an electric motor that drums up maximum torque from zero revs. 

Then to fatten the appeal of Tesla’s range topper, the Model S P85D scores two electric motors, meaning it not only benefits from a significant increase in power, but also full use of its four tyres under acceleration – the second motor lives on its front axle.

How this all pans out over a quarter mile is seen above, where the Tesla’s 515kW/931Nm delivered at zero rpm lobs the 2.2-tonne electric sedan well ahead of the rear-drive F12.

Soon enough, though, the Ferrari’s 30kW extra comes in to play, and it cruises by the EV before the finish line with ease, helped by the fact its transmission is allowed to row the 6.3-litre V12 through seven powerbands.

None the less, we’re firmly convinced of the P85D’s potential. And after the Tesla Model S went full drift mode, we’re seeing more reasons why electric cars might be as fun as their petrol powered counterparts.

Tesla’s P85D is expected to launch in Australia next month.