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2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600: Sheikh Shifter

Morley’s all-too-freely-available views on the subject notwithstanding, my decades of dabbling in automotive journalism have not left me totally ignorant of its protocols. Okay, analysing steering feel whilst cresting Mount Horrible on opposite lock may not be second nature yet

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Mercedes-Maybach S600

If ever there was a car where how it drives is completely beside the point, it’s the new Mercedes-Maybach S600. Previously preserved for the plutocrats, the new Maybach is much more closely aligned with the S-Class on which it is

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Mercedes-Maybach S600 a sell-out in Australia

The just-launched Mercedes-Maybach S600 has in one month almost eclipsed the six-year local sales tally of the previous Maybach range. Mercedes-Benz Australia has confirmed its 12-unit allocation of the V12-engined and most opulent version of the new S-Class is exhausted.

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