Sweet Dream | FG X Falcon GT

Sweet Dream | FG X Falcon GT

Sweet Dream | FG X Falcon GT

by January 6, 2016

Ford Australia has already ruled out an FG X-based Falcon GT, claiming 2014’s limited edition GT F would be the last Aussie GT. But that hasn’t stopped us from dreaming up our own GT-badged fast last Falcon.

MOTOR’s FG X Falcon GT would use the same 5.0-litre supercharged Miami V8 as the current XR8, but with a bit more grunt courtesy of a freer breathing exhaust and intake system as well as a smaller supercharger pulley. With those modifications we’re looking at more than 400kW, enough to stay with the HSV GTS and roast a set of rears within a few kilometres.

But what’s power without control? This GT will finally bring the chassis sophistication to match the grunt churned out by the Falcon’s ballistic engine. Beefier Brembo brakes than standard along with upgraded springs and dampers bring some genuine substance to Ford’s ‘Control Blade’ rear end.

Using Ford’s ties with Geelong-based carbonfibre experts Carbon Revolution, the FG X GT would also be significantly lighter than an ordinary XR8. The wheels, roof and bonnet would all be made from the light stuff, helping lower the car’s centre of gravity and unsprung mass.

If only Ford Australia had the cash to send off its last ever Australian built Falcon with something loud, proud and a little bit insane.

This Falcon GT will be the first to bring some genuine control to Ford’s Control Blade rear suspension. Race-spec springs and dampers combined with low-weight wheels equals proper handling sophistication. 

Revised front bumper incorporates Mustang-style grille ‘fangs’ to give a meaner impression, while a new front splitter adds downforce. The GT also wears lower side skirts and a rowdy rear wing to keep it glued to the road.  

Bespoke lightweight carbonfibre parts will be sourced from Carbon Revolution in Geelong (keeping it local), including the roof, wheels and bonnet. The Geelong folk also supply the wheels for the new Shelby Mustang GT350R track weapon. 

We’re throwing away the XR8’s arm-chair like seats and the high-set driving position they promote and plonking in some low-slung body-hugging buckets. The GT will also be manual only, so prepare to exercise your left leg.

Apart from adding at least 10kW to the output of the 5.0-litre supercharged V8, racing stripes give the GT a unique and racey appearance. Colour a modern interpretation of Phase III’s Vermillion Fire.

Our GT Falcon retains the XR8’s 5.0-litre supercharged Miami V8 engine, but pumps out a tyre-torturing 400kW thanks to old-fashioned tuning. It also gets a less restrictive exhaust and intake, plus a smaller supercharger pulley.