Road legal Aston Martin Vulcan announced

Road legal Aston Martin Vulcan announced

Road legal Aston Martin Vulcan announced

by April 22, 2016

Vulcan drivers will join LaFerraris and P1s on the drive home from track days with the announcement the ultra-rare track-only Aston Martin will be made road legal.

Such news doesn’t come from Aston Martin’s headquarters in Gaydon, though. Instead it’s been made 53km away in Northamptonshire, by race shop RML.

The independent motorsport engineering outfit has said it will offer a package for the $3.8million Vulcan, focusing on its safety, usability, and compliance to grant it road legality.

Part of this transformation will see new headlight clusters fitted and its paddle pop rear lights replaced. Its ride height will be raised to complement a new removable front splitter and rear diffuser as reports, to avoid costly run-ins with speed bumps.

Aston Martin Vulcan made road legal rearRoad-going Vulcan engines will be left alone in current trim, so owners can expect their 7.0-litre V12 to brandish up to 600kW. However, to tame it for street use the six-speed sequential gearbox will welcome new gear ratios and a friendlier clutch.

Most of the Vulcan’s state-of-the-art suspension package is to be left alone, with only tweaks to its front geometry planned to help minimise its turning circle. Inside, the roll-cage will remain intact, but the wings will be removed from the Vulcan’s exquisite Recaro seats.

Nissan juke rRML’s knack for taming wild cars for road use boasts Nissan’s Juke-R and Infiniti’s Q50 Eau Rouge concept, two mutants conjured up when Nissan was under CEO Andy Palmer’s rule.

Now the CEO at Aston Martin, Palmer tells Autocar the RML package has helped it sell the last two Vulcans and expects another two to three owners to convert their Vulcan.

Little information on price exists, but with the package’s fitment said to take three months and allow owners to convert the Vulcan back to its track specification, don’t expect much change from well into six-figures.