Porsche teaches the perfect driving position

Porsche teaches the perfect driving position

by March 7, 2016

Driving a car fast begins before you even turn over the engine.

At least that’s what Patrick Long, American-born Porsche factory driver, teaches.

As part of a promotion in which Long and two ‘enthusiasts’ take the recently revealed 911R to retrace the brand’s conquest at the Tour De France Automobile, Porsche is focusing on the art of driving, and releasing a video series of driving lessons along the way.

The first is what we have here, and it focuses on the best driving position for hustling a car fast –something not commonly known, or easy to figure out.  

Our presenter is a three-time American le Mans Series GT winner, so the video’s not only a brilliant guide for the unknowing, but a great refresher for the experienced.

Long reminds us at the limit you’re going to need good access to all a car’s controls. It starts with sitting low, and ensuring the steering wheel’s close enough.

From there he says you want to be able to bend your knees slightly with the clutch or throttle pedals fully stomped. You also want a slight bend in your elbows with hands at nine and three.

Watching the video will take less than two minutes, but it’s a comprehensive check list that’ll come in handy for your next track day or weekend punt.