Porsche opens new V8 engine plant

Porsche opens new V8 engine plant

Porsche opens new V8 engine plant

by July 11, 2016

Porsche has opened the doors on a state-of-the-art engine plant in Zuffenhausen, responsible for production of its all-new twin-turbo V8.

Constructed over the last two years at a cost of 80 million euros, the planet employs 400 people and produces around 200 engines every day.

Porsche V8 engine The assembly of a new engine begins every 3.5 minutes and each unit travels along a 432-metre U-shaped production line, undergoing 110 work cycles and taking 6.2 hours to complete.

The 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 is currently only installed in the 2017 Panamera Turbo, where it produces 404kW/770Nm, though those totals are expected to increase to 447kW/800Nm when the Turbo S arrives.

Porsche panamera In the future, however, expect it to appear in a variety of premium VAG products, including the new Cayenne Turbo, due next year, as well as various Bentleys, including the Bentayga, next-gen Continental GT and Flying Spur, and possibly even the Lamborghini Urus. 

Zuffenhausen plays an important role in the history of Porsche, as it’s where the very first 356 production cars were built in 1950.