Porsche 911 R prices to skyrocket

Porsche 911 R prices to skyrocket

Porsche 911 R prices to skyrocket

by July 22, 2016

How much would you be willing to pay for the ultimate 911? Well, if it’s more than the average Sydney home, you’re in luck.

Demand for Porsche’s new 911 R is so high British finance experts Magnitude Finance predict the car will stir record levels of appreciation in the second-hand market, telling Motoring Research it knows retailers that plan to list the car for close to one million pounds.

Converted to Aussie peso, that’s almost $1.7m, or four times more than its standard asking price of $404K. It means the ‘ultimate’ could trade hands for what would grab a three-bedder in Bondi. Part of why comes from the manufacturer’s ‘best-hits’ approach to the 911 R’s specification.

Porsche 911 R rear drivingPorsche’s choice to marry the GT3 RS’s sizzling 4.0-litre engine to a six-speed manual transmission not only makes in unique within its model range, but shrugs the move towards turbocharging and automatics in the supercar industry.

Then to cap-off the specialty of its last 991-gen variant, the drivetrain was slotted in a GT3 bodyshell, covered in RS body panels, and fitted with a light-weight interior (built around the 918 Spyder’s carbon buckets) to make it the lightest 911 at 1370kg.

Porsche 911 R interiorIn a nod to its status, Porsche is building only 991 of them. And, of course, all have been snapped up, with all most likely allocated to prioritised customers.

However, the 911 R’s case isn’t isolated. There’s been a feverish grab for unique 911s worldwide and locally, seeing examples like a 997.2 GT2 RS asking up to $950K in Queensland.

Porsche 997.2 GT2 RS drivingWhen will we see the latest hit on the road? If reports of an eBay listing in Hamburg, Germany, were anything to go by, deliveries of the car have already begun.

Better be quick re-mortgaging the house if you want to be first.