Porsche 908/04 Vision GT Concept revealed

Porsche 908/04 Vision GT Concept revealed

Porsche 908/04 Vision GT Concept revealed

by July 14, 2016

A return of the long tail has been a long time coming but the Porsche 908/04 Vision GT reimagines the 1969 908 LH for a modern, digital world – literally, because this is an unofficial project for the realms of PlayStation’s GranTurismo 6.

It has nothing to do with Porsche, but rather is the work of six modellers and designers, mixing cues from the 918 Spyder hypercar at the front with long tail racer at the rear and wearing an e-hybrid badge on its flanks – although no drivetrain is imagined.

Porsche 908/04 Vision GT Concept rearThe 908/04 Concept despite being made up of ones and zeroes in pixel land aims to reinterpret an old-school racer with a proper manual transmission.

Working around the classic Martini livery are bulbous Michelin tyres wrapped around BBS alloy wheels and – as with 918 – high-mounted split exhausts just behind the two-seater cabin with its ‘sunvisor’ wrap-around windscreen.

“The challenge of the project was to work with real proportions,” explains exterior designer Alan Derosier in a statement.

Porsche 908 04 Vision GT Concept side rear“We did this car in a way it could be physically feasible, so we’ve actually worked with coherent dimensions and constraints such as seating position, visibility, headroom, door openings, ingress/egress, width, length, height.

“We wanted to give it an advanced look with a truly mechanical soul, the ‘form follows function’ ideology of Porsche.”

Porsche 908/04 Vision GT Concept frontThe long-tail design has been chosen, Derosier says, “because Porsches with this feature have something genuinely unique.”

“And until now nobody, as far as I know, has tried to create a modern version of it. In my opinion, it is a bit of a forgotten idea, so I thought it would be a ‘rebirth of an icon’ that would generate nostalgia in car and Porsche enthusiasts alike.”