Nine best modern Aussie muscle cars

Nine best modern Aussie muscle cars

Nine best modern Aussie muscle cars

by July 15, 2016

The last two decades have spawned some of the greatest homegrown fast cars.

1. FGX XR8 Sprint

Ford FGX XR8 SprintHard-nosed Ford fans might question the FPV GT F’s absence, but as far as final cracks go the Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint tweaks the chassis to its ultimate form. And its blown 5.0-litre V8 is only 6kW shy of the GT F’s sacrosanct 351kW.

2. Gen-F2 HSV GTS

HSV gen-F2 GTSWith 430kW and 740Nm, dropping GM’s LSA into the GTS nose created HSV’s most powerful car ever. Power isn’t its only trick, though, as magnetic ride control and a torque vectoring driveline means it’s the most engaging HSV ever, too.


FPV BA based GTFPV’s BA-based GT was not only the return of the iconic badge but also much-needed grunt. The GT’s 290kW/520Nm DOHC 5.4-litre V8 was partly developed and assembled here and gave the blue boys the berries to fight HSV’s VY GTS.

4. LS3 SS-V Redline

Holden LS3 SS-V RedlineThe Holden Commodore’s last gasp thrusted the SS closer to perfection than ever before. By welcoming GM’s 6.2-litre LS3 engine, the flagship Holden SS-V Redline finally has an engine to match its chassis, which is more finely tuned than ever.

5. V2 HSV GTS Coupe

HSV V2 GTS CoupeClayton’s efforts on the Monaro gave this fine looking coupe the attitude to match its thumping 300kW 5.7-litre V8 – though some said the spoiler did exactly that to its looks. It didn’t spoil its speed, though, topping 267km/h in a local v-max run.

6. FG FPV F6

FPV FG F6XR6 Sprint fans can thank the FPV FG F6 for the (greatest ever?) Aussie engine. The turbo six delivered 310kW and 565Nm for supercar levels of in-gear stonk, while its balance and speed put the classic V8 in the shade to prove FPV’s engineering nous.

7. HSV W427

HSV W427There’s no substitute for cubic inches, and the W427 proved it. The most expensive HSV ever carried the largest engine in an Aussie car – the Z06 Corvette’s 7.0-litre LS7 – ably assisted by the VE Commodore’s great chassis.

8. Tickford T3 TE50

Tickford T3 TE50When Ford’s Tickford boys stroked the TE50’s Windsor V8 to 5.6 litres, it finally had the 250kW/500Nm weapon needed to slay Gen III-powered HSVs. It scored a wild new outfit, too, which suitably declared its thirst for Lion blood.


HSV VT C4B GTSAfter Holden’s 5.0-litre V8 was axed, HSV turned to Callaway in the States for the GTS’s lofty power targets. They sent us an LS1 with hand-built heads and, with 300kW/510Nm, absolutely nothing from the Blue Corner could touch it at the time.