NASCAR crash sparks on-track brawl

NASCAR crash sparks on-track brawl

by June 28, 2016

NASCAR Truck racers Jon Wes Townley and Spencer Gallagher got into the fence and into each other late in a spotty race at Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison, Illinois, last weekend, bringing out a full course caution as workers moved in to clean up the mess.

As the boys emerged from the wrecks, a fired up Townley (in the yellow and black) decided to have a chat with Gallagher (in blue). Now, whether they were both tired from the race or whether both are singularly unversed in the finer points of Queensbury Rules it’s hard to say… but the snickering and outright laughter from the commentary team of the fight that ensued surely tells the tale.

The fact that the track workers glanced at the boys, shrugged and got on with their jobs also speaks volumes…

After being separated – or stopping in sheer embarrassment – both blokes were transported to the infield care centre (in separate ambulances, natch), and both can expect to front NASCAR officials before next weekend – possibly for putting on the lamest spectacle seen in recent years.