Mitsubishi builds the last Lancer Evos

Mitsubishi builds the last Lancer Evos

by October 7, 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X has left the factory – for good.

Mitsubishi has begun building Final Edition variants of its Lancer Evolution X, an act which signals one of the rally world’s greatest protégés entering its death throes. Mitsubishi will not succeed it with an Evolution XI, rather saying a hybrid SUV will replace it in ‘spirit’.  

With the nameplate being able to boast a lineage, both literally and mechanically, all the way back to 1992, the Final Edition treatment is designed to celebrate its innings by modifying the last 1000 Lancer Evolutions with a bump in power and specification.

Mitsubishi builds last Lancer Evos 1Aware of the model’s legendary status, the company’s planted a couple of cameras along the production line to capture the birth of these creatures – from start to finish.

The camera crew have also pulled a couple of the workers aside for a chat, but their soft words are for deaf ears, as it’s all in Japanese.

All you really need to know is 150 of the cars that shuffle through those robot-laden factories will be destined for Australia.

Mitsubishi builds last Lancer Evos 2Then after that, the Lancer Evolution sedan is dead.

A moment of silence for a legend, please.