McLaren to introduce more LT models

McLaren to introduce more LT models

McLaren to introduce more LT models

by August 26, 2015

Those of you salivating over the big wing McLaren can holster the cheque book, McLaren’s 675LT is sold out.

But while the car’s 500-strong global allocation is spoken for, David McIntyre, McLaren Asia Pacific’s regional director, says there will be more ‘Longtail’ badged McLarens.

“It’s our intention that the LT will be a badge that we use in other [parts of the model range], as part of a regular product lifecycle which will continue for years to come.”

Mc Laren 675LT 3That means daunting aerodynamics and serious diets will grace the Sport Series and possibly the range-topping Ultimate series.

While it’ll no doubt be more expensive, a new LT within the entry-level Sport Series should be squarely aimed at Porsche’s 911 GT3. However, McLaren isn’t saying whether LTs will be produced again as a limited edition, or enter series production like the GT3.

McIntyre is, however, happy to declare LT models will follows the same formula as the current 675, right down to the engine. “The philosophy of the LT package, the main focus, is light weight, aerodynamics, and then I guess power will be part as well”.

Mc Laren 675LT 4And LTs will not use hybrid technology, either. “The IPAS technology we use on the P1 is extremely complicated and extremely expensive,” he adds, “and to transfer that technology to the Super and Sport series doesn’t make financial sense at this stage because we can make significant performance gains through aerodynamic control and light weight, as we’ve done with the 675LT.”

Timing is unknown for the new LTs, but with McLaren’s Sport Series already launched, lighter, louder, and faster McLarens should be on their way to fill up the rest of the range, so let’s hope your cheque books aren’t holstered too long.

Mc Laren 675LT 5

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