McLaren P1 GTR road version revealed

McLaren P1 GTR road version revealed

McLaren P1 GTR road version revealed

by June 23, 2016

McLaren’s mental P1 GTR will be unleashed on streets.

A new P1 LM will debut at this weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed to introduce a road-going version of the GTR, but it won’t simply be a de-fanged variant.

Details revealed by Lazante Motorsport, the UK-based firm in charge of cooking up the LM, suggest it’ll be more wild than its track-only counterpart. And by some margin too, as it cuts the GTR’s weight, ups the downforce, and matches every one of its kilowatts.

McLaren P1 GTR road car rearBy upping boost and the hybrid power unit’s output, Lazante reveals the car’s 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 will brandish all of the GTR’s 735kW in road trim – provided it’s drinking English 99-octane fuel.

Then to make three-point turns interesting, the car’s aerodynamic package has been little changed besides a modified rear wing, larger front splitter and dive planes. Overall it’s estimated to produce 40 per cent more downforce.

McLaren P1 road car top viewNot many jacks will creep under that splitter, but binning the GTR’s air-jack system’s helped the LM shed 60kg on the scales. Lazante used lightweight seats, lighter radiators, an Inconel exhaust, and titanium tailpipes to assist the diet. While the final few kilos were realised by Lexan windows and use of titanium bolts/fixings.  

Milk-runs will be more bearable thanks to McLaren adding air-conditioning, but besides the promise of some exclusive additional panels there’s isn’t much else to ensure the LM will be good for the groceries.

McLaren P1 LM steering wheelWhat it will be good for, however, is the track. McLaren’s promised the GTR’s active suspension and “major parts” of the GTR’s chassis are carried over. And judging by the prototype’s shoes, it’ll wear ultra-sticky street rubber and even sport a steering wheel based on Hamilton’s MP4/23 Formula One car’s.

Kenny brack with the mclarenFactory ex-F1 driver Kenny Brack will hustle prototype P1 XP1 LM up the Goodwood Hill this Sunday, before Lazante build five more examples – just like it did for McLaren back in 1999 with the F1 LM.

How much? Well, the track-only GTR was near 2 million pounds. So if you have to ask…