Lancia Stratos historic rally test

Lancia Stratos historic rally test

by April 4, 2016

The Lancia Stratos revolutionised the world of rallying.

Introduced for the 1974 World Rally Championship (though no such thing existed back then) it dominated in the hands of Sandro Munari and Bjorn Waldegard thanks to its extremely light weight (880kg) and powerful (220kW) 2.4-litre Ferrari-derived V6.

Its short wheelbase and mid-engine layout made it incredibly agile, but also extremely nervous for those not blessed with extraordinary driving ability.

Thankfully, the man in the video above has that ability. Erik Comas drove in 59 Formula 1 grands prix before switching to Japan’s JGTC touring car championship and winning the title twice.

He now runs Comas Historic Racing, which clearly allows him to wring the neck of one of the most beautiful and best sounding rally cars of all time.