Kia Rio joins World Rallycross

Kia Rio joins World Rallycross

Kia Rio joins World Rallycross

by September 28, 2015

If you ever needed proof that simply giving a car the racing treatment was enough to make it look cool, this Kia Rio is it.

Anyone who’s of a similar vintage to the MOTOR crew might remember the first Gran Turismo offered a ‘race modification’ option for every car, which could turn an otherwise humdrum hatchback into a stickered-up, be-spoilered racer.

That’s essentially what has happened here, with flare guards, WRC-style bodykit and Castrol livery which, let’s face it, makes anything look good.

Kiar rio wrc rearTechnical details are scarce, but if it’s to be competitive it’ll have to be packing around 450kW from a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, which means 0-100km/h in around 2.0 seconds.

Controlling this beast will be Italian former WRC driver Gigi Galli, who was one of the more flamboyant characters in the championship until a heavy accident in Germany in 2008 sadly ended his career.

Not familiar with the name? You should be, as he’s the man behind one of the most impressive bits of driving you’ll ever see.

One of motorsport’s true showmen, Galli will no doubt be a crowd favourite when he makes his debut at the Italian round of the World Rallycross Championship at Franciacorta on October 16.