How to drive a Subaru WRX

How to drive a Subaru WRX

by August 10, 2015

There’s a theory that no one knows who the best driver on earth is, because it’s possible that that person has never had the opportunity to sit behind the wheel.

Likewise, amateur motorsport is littered with exceptionally talented drivers who have never had the money or opportunity to pursue racing professionally.

People like the driver of this green GC8 Subaru WRX, taking part in a strange autocross/gymkhana event in what appears to be Poland.

Having done some internet digging it seems this guy – who goes by the name Ryjeks on YouTube and Facebook – is an amateur rally driver who seems to be a dab hand at making underpowered all-wheel drives dance.

The level of commitment and aggression brings to mind to exploits of a certain C. McRae and while it’s arguable in this day and age whether it’s the fastest way around, it’s certainly spectacular and a pleasure to watch. 

Whoever you are, mystery Impreza driver, we at MOTOR salute you!

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