Honda S2000 prototype at the Nurburgring

Honda S2000 prototype at the Nurburgring

by July 28, 2016

The Nurburgring Nordschleife is arguably the world’s most fearsome racetrack.

It’s extremely high speed, half the corners are blind, it’s extremely bumpy and there’s absolutely no room for error. Tackling it at full speed in a full-blown racing car is a test of nerves, let alone going flat-out in a convertible with no safety gear.

There’s no such worries for Motoharu Kurosawa, a legendary Japanese racing driver, who filmed this high-speed adventure in a Honda S2000 prototype for the classic Best Motoring series.

Despite it being a regular tourist day, Kurosawa, better known as Gan-san, goes full throttle, recording a bridge-to-gantry time – which is around 35 seconds slower than a full lap – of roughly 8min15sec.