Honda Project 2&4 revealed

Honda Project 2&4 revealed

Honda Project 2&4 revealed

by September 9, 2015

Honda has unveiled a radical ultra-lightweight track focussed concept, set to make its public debut at next week’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

As the name suggests, Project 2&4 melds aspects of Honda’s car and motorcycle divisions to create a 158kW/118Nm screamer that weighs just 405kg.

At just 3040mm long (half a metre shorter than a Fiat 500) the 2&4’s compact dimensions are made possible by its wild mechanical configuration, in which the driver sits next to the 999c V4 engine, lifted from Honda’s RC213V MotoGP bike.

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The open cockpit is intended to give the feeling of immersion provided by a motorbike, with only the four-point harness holding the driver in place.

The race-spec engine produces peak power at a dizzying 13,000rpm and delivers its 158kW to the rear wheels via a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

The resultant 390kW/tonne power-to-weight ratio promises vivid acceleration, however it’s likely that should a production version of the 2&4 appear, the MotoGP engine will be swapped for a more street-friendly unit like the 131kW/112Nm 1.0-litre four from the CBR1000RR.

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Despite Honda talking up the 2&4’s road legality, it’s extremely unlikely a road-going version will appear, however it proves that Honda still has a pulse.

With the new NSX suffering constant delays and its return to Formula 1 causing more harm than benefit to its image, Honda could do worse than to release a limited-run of the 2&4, if only to prove its capable of making something exciting again.