Google exec buys wife Ferrari FXX K

Google exec buys wife Ferrari FXX K

Google exec buys wife Ferrari FXX K

by September 4, 2015

So, what did you buy your wife/partner for their last birthday?

It doesn’t really matter what it was, because we’re betting it wasn’t a Ferrari FXX K.

Benjamin Sloss is Google’s vice-president of engineering, which apparently means he’s essentially in charge of making sure Google stays working.

That’s a pretty important job, one that clearly comes with a pretty handy pay-packet, and Sloss’s favourite way of spending? That’s right, cars.

Sloss purchased the Ferrari 599XX Evo auctioned for victims of the 2012 Emiglia earthquake, and lured his wife and fellow petrolhead Christine to Fiorano under the guise of her completing some birthday laps in their 599XX.

Google exec Ferrari 2While Christine did indeed complete some laps in the 599, the real surprise was a brand new FXX K, the 774kW/900Nm+ LaFerrari-based track monster.

Sloss is a genuine enthusiast, regularly posting updates of his new purchases on a variety of web forums, particularly, where he goes by the name Treynor.

Thanks, Benjamin, for making any present any guy ever buys now seem pretty feeble in comparison!