Ford Focus RS Drift Mode demonstration

Ford Focus RS Drift Mode demonstration

by January 25, 2016

Probably the most talked-about feature of the new Ford Focus RS is its Drift Mode, designed specifically to allow drivers to burn rubber regardless of skill level.

To encourage this all-wheel drive hot hatch to hold a slide, Drift Mode fiddles with the all-wheel drive system to send more power to the outside rear wheel than it normally would.

In addition, the steering reverts to its lighter Normal setting to allow easier corrections and the dampers soften to allow more weight transfer. ESP can be on or off, though if things get out of hand you’ll need to catch the slide yourself with the electronics disabled.

Does it work? Well, yes. Simply add steering lock, floor the throttle and the rear swings wide. The key is not to add too much opposite lock; keep the corrections small, modulate the accelerator and soon you’ll be getting dizzy in an expensive cloud of vaporised Michelins.

In someone else’s car it’s very amusing, however beyond bragging to your friends it’s difficult to imagine a scenario where you’re really going to use it. Still, it’s a nice two-fingered salute to the nanny state and you’ll never look at a roundabout the same way again.