Five best Goodwood Hillclimb runs

Five best Goodwood Hillclimb runs

Five best Goodwood Hillclimb runs

by June 29, 2015

MOTOR selects five standout videos from the Goodwood Festival of Speed highlight reel, featuring the best of what Lord March’s annual driveway hangout has to offer.

Nick Heidfeld – McLaren MP4/13

The run that earned Heidfeld the nickname ‘Quick Nick’ and led to the banning of current-generation F1 cars competing at Goodwood. One look at this run makes it obvious just how sensible that decision was, as the McLaren jolts and dances over the bumps. Heidfeld’s record of 41.6sec is unlikely ever to be beaten.

Rod Millen – Toyota Tacoma

Kiwi ex-pat Rod Millen has always been a front runner at Goodwood with his wild Pikes Peak creations. This run certainly isn’t his fastest, but it’s definitely one of the wildest as Millen struggles to put 1000hp turbocharged Toyota horsepower to the damp tarmac. Watch as things get really hairy at the end.

Anthony Reid – Noble M600

Former British Touring Car racer Anthony Reid only knows one speed – absolutely flat chat. So when Noble employed him to demonstrate its M600 supercar the result was always going to be spectacular. Reid wrings the maximum out of the British rocketship, with plenty of moments along the way.

Mike Whiddett – Mazda RX-7

This year marked the first time a drifting category has been added to the Goodwood roster, and that’s largely thanks to efforts of ‘Mad Mike’ at the 2014 event. It’s fair to say that not everyone knew what to make of Whiddett and his shrieking quad-rotor RX-7, but he definitely made an impression.

Top five runs 2009

Ok, we’re cheating a little bit, but this is too good not to include. This is the top five competition runs from 2009, with an incredibly diverse array of machinery all being driven flat chat. There are mid-’80s F1 cars, BTCC Super Touring Primera and the famous Silk Cut Jaguar XJR-9. Turn it up and enjoy.

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