Ferrari FXX K flat out at Fiorano

Ferrari FXX K flat out at Fiorano

by May 6, 2015

Ah, the solitary life of a test driver. They’ll try and tell you driving around churning out lap after lap is a chore, that it’s really no fun at all.

That’s rubbish. For our money, the keys to an FXX K and an empty Fiorano is surely about as good as days come.

The footage here is from serial supercar filmer NM2255 who spent a day camped out at Ferrari’s test track capturing the incredible sound of the FXX K’s 6.3-litre V12.

According to Ferrari, the FXX K’s slick tyres, extra power and increased downforce add up to a five-second-a-lap advantage over the base LaFerrari, lapping in 1min14sec.

That’s quick, but to put it in perspective, Michael Schumacher’s lap record, set in Ferrari’s 2004 F1 car, stands at 56seconds.

If you like what you see and are thinking of getting one, sadly all 40 cars are accounted for.