Drifting tanks looks really hard

Drifting tanks looks really hard

by February 18, 2016

Yes, this is MOTOR, not MILITARY, but this video is very cool, and not just because it has lots of snow in it.

As you might expect, tank drivers need plenty of training. The M1A1 Abrams might only be able to travel 70km/h on tarmac and 50km/h off road, but it weighs over 60 tonnes, so if you make a mistake it’s going to be quite a clean-up job.

This video shows U.S. Marines undergoing training in Norway to improve their capabilities of operating in cold-weather environments, which appears to involve driving very sideways as often as possible.

It appears that although tracks work brilliantly in mud or gravel or sand, they struggle to put 1120kW of turbine power to the ground on sheet ice. Practice makes perfect.