$0-50K | Peugeot 208 GTi 30th #2

We all had one of those friends who went slightly off the rails during their teenage years. One minute they’re quiet, demure and studious, next thing you know they’ve got multiple piercings and are skipping classes to steal CDs from

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$0-50K | Volkswagen Polo GTI #3

Big things were expected of VW’s new Polo GTI at this year’s Bang for your Bucks. After all, this is the updated version of the car that turned the BFYB formula on its head so comprehensively it called the future

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$0-50K | Holden Astra VXR #5

Jump straight form the Astra GTC to this car, the VXR, and you can immediately see, smell and feel where some of the extra money has gone. Okay, so 13-large is a fair old chunk of wedge, but even so,

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