$0-50K | Audi S1 Sportback | #7

As a big fan of the Audi S3, I was really expecting big things from the S1. I mean, it might be based on the A1, but look at the stuff Audi has thrown at the little guy: Namely a

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$50-100K | BMW M135i #1

A surprise victory, and almost one that didn’t happen. When BMW first offered us a facelifted M135i for this year’s Bang for your Bucks we initially declined. After all, for a facelifted car to be eligible for BFYB it must

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$0-50K | Renault Megane GT220 #8

If the RS275 Trophy R is a riot on the racetrack, the GT220 is more a civilised protest march – unfurling banners ‘shouting’: What do we want? Performance! How do we want it? Erm, not too hardcore. Renault’s stopover variant

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