$0-50K | Hyundai Veloster Turbo #10

Hyundai’s sportiest car has been sporty rather than sports since it stepped onto the scene in 2012 as an asymmetrical anomaly in the hatchback universe. This is Series II of the car featuring one driver’s door and two passenger-side doors,

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$50-100K | BMW 228i #7

Luffy wasn’t mad about the feel and feedback offered by the 228i. I’m not going to mark it as hard as that. True, it’s not the absolute most talkative car of the bunch, but when it does what it does,

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$0-50K | Ford Falcon XR6 #11

Personally, I have a few issues with the XR6 in a bang-for-your-bucks sense. The first of these is the well documented driving position which, for somebody like me with a basketballer’s torso and a jockey’s legs, just does not work.

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