$0-50K | Ford Fiesta ST #1

Ford’s junior hot-hatch overcame finishing second in the $0-50K division to take the overall 2014 BFYB title. With the cheapies champion Clio RS also returning, how did the Fiesta ST turn things around for 2015? Simple: for whatever reasons it

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$0-50K | Citroen DS3 | #7

The DS3’s shark fin-shaped B-pillar is one of its most striking design elements, though there was nothing predatory about the baby Citroen’s performance on the track. Slowest to lap Winton of all in the $0-50K group, it was also chewed

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$0-50K | Peugeot 208 GTi 30th #2

We all had one of those friends who went slightly off the rails during their teenage years. One minute they’re quiet, demure and studious, next thing you know they’ve got multiple piercings and are skipping classes to steal CDs from

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