$0-50K | Ford Falcon XR6 #11

Personally, I have a few issues with the XR6 in a bang-for-your-bucks sense. The first of these is the well documented driving position which, for somebody like me with a basketballer’s torso and a jockey’s legs, just does not work.

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$50-100K | Lexus RC350 F Sport #8

Numbers can be cruel. Especially so to Lexus, it seems. For the second year running Toyota’s premium arm occupies the bottom rung on the $50-100K ladder yet, just as with last year’s IS350 F Sport, in this case the numbers

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$0-50K | Peugeot 308 GT #12

My French is limited to just enough words to get me into trouble and not quite enough to get me back out again. Peugeot’s relationship with ergonomics seems to be ringing the same bell. Wouldn’t matter, for instance, how clear

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