Build your own Ferrari 488

Build your own Ferrari 488

Build your own Ferrari 488

by July 29, 2016

Whenever we’re lucky enough to drive a supercar here at MOTOR, we’re always staggered by the amount of options fitted, that often blow the purchase price way out beyond the MSRP.

Ferraris are always particularly amusing, the last California T we drove wore $140,000 worth of options and the F12 we took to Tasmania had $133,500 worth of boxes ticked.

It all seems so unnecessary, until you have a go at Ferrari’s online configurator and end up ticking boxes like you’re voting below the line in the Australian senate. Have a go and share your creation with us on Facebook.

Build your own Ferrari 488 dashMost manufacturerers have online configurators these days, to allow you to see the results of that pink-paint-with-brown-interior before buying, however Ferrari’s is one of the best, with heaps of options and clear graphics. 

We started with the 488, and you can see the full extent of our lack of self-control in the picture below. The basics, however, are Blu Scozia paintwork with forged dark painted rims and yellow brake calipers.

Build your own Ferrari 488 spec listWhere it gets expensive is the carbon, and we couldn’t help but go nuts with the front wing, underdoor cover, rear diffuser and engine cover all made of the sexy black weave. 

The blue/yellow/carbon theme continues on the inside, with a blue interior with constrasting yellow stitching and rev counter, with carbon covering the driving zone and central tunnel. 

Perhaps thankfully, there is no price tag attached to our desired 488, but we wouldn’t expect much change out of $700,000.