BJ Baldwin's Recoil 3

BJ Baldwin's Recoil 3

by November 11, 2015

Forget F1, or V8 Supercars, or WRC. The coolest race cars on the planet right now are Trophy Trucks. 

Whether they’re bouncing across scorching deserts, flying around stadiums or bouncing off concrete walls at the Gold Coast the combination of enormous suspension travel, unbreakable chassis and 600kW V8s (not to mention slightly crazy drivers) seems to guarantee good racing.

BJ Baldwin is one of the sport’s leading lights and given he’s backed by Monster Energy, it’s not surprising that he’s involved in some pretty awesome marketing material.

The above video is the third in his ‘Recoil’ series; think Ken Block with much bigger jumps and you’re just about there.

There’s a strange sub-plot about chasing a sasquatch (whatever that is) but just skip ahead to 0:55sec and enjoy the incredible vision of an incredible machine being driven flat out.