Bentley to offer 'performance hybrids'

Bentley to offer 'performance hybrids'

Bentley to offer 'performance hybrids'

by May 25, 2016

Electrified Bentleys will focus on performance rather than efficiency, according to Asia-Pacific Manager of Dealer Sales, David Simpson.

When quizzed at the Australian reveal of the new Bentayga SUV about Bentley’s hybrid plans, Simpson explained the British marque intends to use electrification to add performance rather than cut fuel economy.

“I think the hybrid element here is more akin to your P1 and your LaFerrari than your Prius,” Simpson said. “Obviously there’s an efficiency gain in the car, but when we talk about hybrid it’s a performance hybrid, and likely that would come out higher than a W12 in terms of its price point.”

Bentley -EXP10-Speed -6Currently, Bentley’s most potent product is the 472kW/840Nm Continental GT Speed, which can hit 100km/h in 4.1sec and tops out at 331km/h.

“What we hear back from customers is that they would be very keen to see a performance hybrid on the market, because that again is something they can market about themselves,” continued Simpson. “There’s probably less appetite for the economic version of a hybrid.”

For all this talk of extra performance, Bentley’s first hybrid is likely to be a variant of the Bentayga SUV. However, electrification is on the agenda for its proposed EXP10 sports car, expected to appear around 2020.

Bentley -EXP10-Speed -6-rear“It’s not confirmed, but we are still definitely looking at that car,” said Simpson. “The response [to the EXP10] is one of the strongest of any concept car we’ve ever shown and we are listening to that. We know there are a list of customers waiting for that car.

“The EXP10 would be would a pure two-seat car, and there is still an appetite for these cars. I think about the Australian market, we see a lot more of the 35-40 [year-old] property developers coming through, and these people are not looking for luxury sedans.”

A two-door V8 Bentley with electric torque and jaw-dropping looks? Sign us up.