Aston Martin DB10 goes for crazy AU$4.9m

Aston Martin DB10 goes for crazy AU$4.9m

Aston Martin DB10 goes for crazy AU$4.9m

by February 22, 2016

It may be the most expensive movie prop we’ve ever seen.

Aston Martin’s DB10, which starred in Spectre, sold for £2,434,500 (AU$4.9m) last week at London’s Christie’s during a charity auction event.

What makes it so special? While Daniel Craig has signed underneath its bonnet, its desirability extends beyond a bit of scribble.

Of the ten DB10s built for the latest James Bond movie, only two were saved from filming duties. This example is one of those two.

Aston Martin Db10 SpectreIt also crowns a 50 year partnership between Aston Martin and the 007 franchise, which kicked off with Goldfinger’s DB5 driven by Sean Connery. And with the DB lineage skipping from 9 to 11, Aston Martin won’t be building a DB10 again.

However, despite astronomical price, its owner won’t be able to enjoy it on public roads. Made specifically for filming duties in Spectre, and therefore skipping crash testing or any homologation needed for public sale, the DB10 reportedly can’t be road registered.

We’d be a little frustrated at that, especially when it’s basically a V8 Vantage underneath and a 4.7-litre V8 still lurks under its bonnet. However we’re sure the fees for hiring a racetrack wouldn’t faze its new caretaker.

Aston Martin DB10 sold at auctionThey’d feel better about where the money’s sent, though. Médecins Sans Frontières or ‘Doctors without Borders’ is one of the charities marked to benefit from the auction’s sales, which also saw other Spectre related paraphernalia dragged under the hammer.

The DB10 was sold on behalf on EON Productions, who still have another DB10 up its sleeve. Whether we’ll see the second example follow the same fortune, though, is not yet known.