Amazing escape for rally crew

Amazing escape for rally crew

by May 5, 2015

The trouble with rallying is there is really nowhere to go if you make a mistake.

You might get lucky and find a handily placed escape road or soft ditch to land in, but more often than not you’re going to hit something hard and unforgiving.

Case in point, this footage from the recent Rally Ronde de La Durance. The crew of this Citroen C2, Yoan Droumenq and Gabriel Durand, are slightly off line over the preceding crest, which lightens the rear and pitches them into the right-hand bank.

This launches the car into the air where it heavily impacts a tree, thankfully with the empty rear of the car, rather than the front where the occupants are.

Thankfully, both crew members escaped shaken but unharmed, but the same can’t be said for the poor little Citroen.